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Release of DEAR Notification Centre in January 2018

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


A DEAR Inventory update that we want to focus on today was announced and released earlier this week. In the past few months, a notification icon has appeared in the top right hand side of your DEAR Interface, and now that Notification Centre has been released, you may find yourself relying on it more frequently.

Businesses can set up customized email alerts to inform them of changes to their DEAR database based on the Notification Centre. Customers and companies can now automatically receive emails when a product is ready for pickup, or when it is shipped. The functionalities of DEAR will become essential to a lot of our clients' workflows as a result of their freedom and flexibility.


Currently, four different types of notifications are available:

  • Sales

  • Purchases

  • Stock

  • B2B Portal

For each type of document within these areas you can tailor who it goes to, what it contains and how it is delivered:


DEAR's Notification Centre displays these alerts at the top right of the interface, the bell icon. The current version of the software allows you to send Internal notifications to all employees, with more customization coming down the road.


Email notifications have a lot of customisation options and you can modify who the emails go to and how they look. Email notifications can be used for both client and internal alerts.


These alerts will send information directly to an external URL when triggered by the DEAR notification.


Throughout its history, DEAR has been excellent at showing who has done what, when, and how. DEAR's notifications can now help automate the paperless handover between departments and employees in addition to keeping your key staff and clients in the loop as much as possible, depending on the needs of the business.

Though we hope to support more statuses and document types in the future, we are amazed at how much potential this release offers our clients now and in the future.

Taking precautions

Firstly, when it comes to any new software release, there are things to keep in mind before diving headlong in and changing all your business processes. Our recent testing has revealed the following:

  • Email editor with full features, but formatting does not work with some merge fields currently.

  • The 'Link to Document' function in emails varies depending on what type of document is alerted.

  • A document may trigger a notification multiple times. For example: If you send a shipping notification email to let your customer know that their order has been sent, it will send a second email if the shipping stage is undone to fix a mistake.

  • Internal Notifications do not link directly to the document in question.

  • No Notifications for Minimum Reorder Points.

  • No Notifications for Production Documents.

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