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Managing Wholesale Orders Is Easier Than Ever

Forecast wholesale orders with ease, fulfill sales, and execute every order with accuracy, with the comprehensive DEAR Systems solution.

DEAR's role in helping wholesalers grow

Let's raise the bar of manufacturing. With full visibility into your production costs and inventory status, you can make data-driven business decisions, such as pricing strategies or loss reduction techniques.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Keep track of inventory for multiple warehouses, across multiple states and countries. Reporting is easy with DEAR because it lets you track what stock you have, where it is, and how you are using it.

Costs Of Goods Sold Transparency

The cost of all goods sold can give you insight into your profit margins. Your wholesale sales can be broken down into freight and handling fees for more accurate reporting. On your dashboard, DEAR allows you to view profitability and margin metrics.

Trace Serial & Batch Numbers

A Wholesale business' ability to track inventory accurately is its foundation. Ensure traceability by batch tracking, or assign serial numbers to ensure warranty coverage. You can easily do both across multiple locations.


Conversion calculations can be difficult to track using a spreadsheet. Transact easily in multiple currencies with DEAR's currency conversion feature.

Sets & Bundles

With Auto Assembly, you can assemble bundles of products or sets. To ensure you have everything you need to create the finished items, reserve the items that make up the set or bundle. It only takes minutes to do it.

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