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Making Informed Manufacturing Decisions.

Using a powerful BOM software and the right data, you can manufacture at reduced costs.

DEAR's role in helping manufacturers create winning pricing strategies that minimize losses

Let's raise the bar of manufacturing. With full visibility into your production costs and inventory status, you can make data-driven business decisions, such as pricing strategies or loss reduction techniques.

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"The best e-comerce intergrated platfom..." - David T.

Prepare Advance BOMs

By creating a detailed Bill of Materials for your entire inventory and subassemblies, you can get a complete picture of raw material, labour, and overhead.


What about goods purchased in bulk that need to be broken down and sold individually? Using DEAR simplifies the breakdown of bulk purchases and assists you in saving time with disassembly.

Estimate Manufacturing Costs in Seconds

Get complete assurance about raw materials and manufacturing costs when you embark on your next project. Through DEAR's Finished Goods module, you can instantly see material levels and costs, as well as automatically order any missing parts.

Additional Units of Measurement

Your goods will automatically be assembled and disassembled upon authorisation and receipt of an order

Resolve Production Problems

You won't have to spend time accounting for damaged or missing inventory. It is incredibly easy to write off inventory that has been lost, stolen, damaged, given away or used internally using our Write-Off functionality, and this feature is applicable to both inventory and service-related expenses.

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